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November 30, 2005

Words without speaking...

She was sitting in the corner, reading so diligently and focused that a load noise wouldn't have disrupted her from her focus. Even the waiter had to pause while she came out of the trance of her book. She looked up at him after he asked her what she wanted and she replied "I will have tea, oh yeah, and a lemon on the side, please."

At that very moment, he could read what she was saying by the look that was displayed on her face through her eyes. She had a radiant sense about her, a sense that would make the ordinary man stand still. Time stood still. Her eyes were beautiful, hazel green in nature, which made the conversation flow with ease.

I think that she didn't realize that they were as tranquil as she thought and she really didn't have to speak at all. When she did, it was complimented with her facial expressions and the reality that she was "real."

While back in her novel, she paused before refocusing in the book and her sight wandered my way. Sitting in the corner, we connected like an architect drawing a straight line on newly created draft. This connection wasn't a complicated one as the 38 story building that would be built in the years to come, but a soft sense that we liked what was traded in the visions. She reciprocated with a turn of the corner of the mouth and a raise of the eyebrow, and then back into her book.

After the exchange of non verbal pleasantries, and the arrival of her "tea with the lemon on the side", she decided to come over and ask "do you mind if I sit?" I offered the chair to the left of me and she asked where I was from and if I have lived in the area long. I let her know that I was new in the city and that I enjoyed the coffee and atmosphere here. The espresso was the best I have had since back in the old country. She said that she liked tea over any coffee drink and included that she like flavored versions as well. In her description of her likes and dislikes, I could just about read her mind before the words exited her mouth. With even a better view, her eyes were stunning; they were the kind that you would like to stare at. I know that staring wouldn't be polite, so I look away while I speak to her connecting at various interludes. She had a shape that showed the top of the eyelid curve in that defined her look and expression when she spoke.

She sipped her tea and we talked about the news, weather, and what we did for a living and after all that time of conversation and expressions, I knew that she was someone that I would like to meet for coffee/tea again.

Suddenly she looked up and without saying a word, I put up one finger and she stopped. Without words, spoken words, not a sound could have told me that a future meeting would occur. I took pen to paper napkin and gave her my number. She stood, I stood, and she pushed her chair back and looks up and smiled. On her exit, she asked me "has anyone ever told you that you have beautiful eyes?" I said "I am at a loss for words...because I have been thinking that about your eyes since you first ordered your tea." She leaned in, connecting with me and turned her head and kissed me on the cheek and said, "I promise that you will see them again soon." "I will call you" was uttered as she walked away.


What do eyes do for you?

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November 28, 2005

PT 2 **Presidential influences, post presedential terms...

I have read the current article in Esquire magazine on former President Clinton, and have this review of it. This is also a follow up of the previous post on “two term presidents and their legacies.”

After reading this article closely, and in some spots reading it two to three times, I have formed an opinion on this former president. I believe in the current age of politics, war, genocide, and peace keeping missions, that the power of a former president can speak very clearly as it has for Clinton. He has moved beyond the impeachment hearings and the heart procedure to rally nations and leaders in foreign lands to assist in the Clinton Global Initiative.

After reading this article by Joe Conason, I am tranquilized in my thinking that a man of former power can create a “separate world movement” of his own. There are points of the article that amaze me that Clinton has the stamina to travel to multiple countries and visit with world leaders looking for their support in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

I believe that what Clinton is doing is for the good of mankind, and he does as well. He has taken his post presidency and made the most of it. He has learned from President Carter as Clinton says “He (Carter) declared that he was interested in and where he thought he could make a difference. They were superficially disparate, but all helped people have a better life. He eradicated river blindness in Africa, he worked on the green revolution to help people become more agriculturally self sufficient, he advanced human rights and monitored elections…He has things that he plans to do, and things that come up.”

Conason goes on to say that Clinton’s “things that have come up have spanned from disaster relief efforts, to scholarship drives for 9/11 families to helping Harlem’s small businesses.” Clinton has made a business of maintaining and growing relationships from the past and moving them forward where he can make a difference. There is one thing that Americans don’t see in this; it isn’t a movement for just things in the United States, but more on a global level.

The William J. Clinton Foundation has brought the HIV/AIDS epidemic to the forefront of his efforts at this time. Clinton has also received generous assistance on a global level from many leaders. His foundation has “negotiated agreements to drastically reduce the cost of HIV/AIDS drugs and diagnostics-an achievement that is already saving hundreds of thousands of lives and promises to save more.” Clinton has clinics in Africa that are helping save lives through his foundation. He is hoping to have as many as two million patients treated by the end of 2008.

The direction that Clinton has taken after being the “leader of the free” world has indeed made the world a better place to live in. He has “partnered” with former president Bush to assist with the Tsunami aide as well as most recently, efforts for Katrina victims.

With ongoing support around the world, and with the kindness and generosity given to Clinton and his staff, he is the person to create a movement like this. He really has become a government of his own, without the scandals, and bureaucracy that hold true in the current day administration.

Clinton is looking for his efforts to continue through the Clinton Global Initiatives for the next ten years.

This is an article that is a must read and shows and tracks Clinton through the days before this summit in Manhattan. He is truly a person to admire for his post heart condition efforts to make the world that we live in a better place. Mostly at this point, to save lives around the world from a disease that has taken far too many.


My after though on this and open for comments are:

Has President Bush allocated 100% of his efforts on the war, verses the other issues that effect Americans and others around the world?

What are the possibilities for a “3rd term president?”


For more info:

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November 26, 2005

When corporate america does something stupid...

I have been watching TV today off and on and I had a chance to see some of the malls opening early today for "Black Friday." This is the day that retailers make a "profit" and are in the black for the day.

It seem that "Black Friday" could put some stores like a Wal-Mart in Michigan in the red.

There were customers that we lined up to enter the store and the video tape that I watched amazed me. I am still amazed at the scene. It brought me back to my younger days where concert goers that attended The Who were trampled to death. Customers were lined up to get in and get a laptop at a deeply discounted price. There are ways to make what happened today, not happen at all. I saw women and men being pushed to the ground and stepped on as people behind them made their way into the store. I did see one person help an elderly lady up, but other than that, I didn't see anyone else. I never once saw an employee of the store in the video. It was a very dangerous situation.

If this item was in such demand, did anyone take the time to set up a security system? Like giving out numbers? Allowing early entry to the store based on when you lined up? How about a lottery drawing or wristbands maybe?

At what point does a corporation consider "security issues" nixed based upon previous "Black Friday" occurrences? Are one or two lawsuits is built in to the budget for instances like this?

This was purely a "safety issue" and people were injured because it wasn't handled properly. Shame on Wal-Mart, maybe things will change in the future.

Have a safe holiday season and remember, stand clear of the stampede.

TT: Tip for holiday shopping, do it online. No lines, no waiting.


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November 25, 2005

This Bed and Breakfast is open and we have our first visitor

I have decided to take part in the "Rent My Blog" feature through blogexplosion.com. After putting up the For Rent sign and combing through the over 20 blogs that wanted to be the first visitor here, I have chosen "A Neurotic Closet Bitch" from Mesa, AZ.

I like the writing, the template, and the off the cuff stories that are available.

Here is a short description on her Blog:

A Neurotic Closet Bitch
Diary of a psychologically analytical, neurotic closet Bitch. Musing of a retired bad girl, who unwittingly stumbled into life as I know it today. Contains day to day, bad girl tales, psycho babble, chalk FULL of verbose banalities! Mature audiences only.

Most users rated this blog : Original
What users liked about this blog : Good writing
Average Review Score : 90%

I am asking that everyone that stops by, click on her thumbnail on the left and pay her a visit.


Check out her thumbnail she gets my vote for best looking female blogger...
Thanks for hanging out for the week!

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November 24, 2005

About me and my other projects

I was thinking...

I have spent the majority of my time working on the other blogs that I have and instead of "Renting" space to myself, I figured that I would show you what the thumbnails looked like and supply the links to my other sites.

I am living in Chicago and enjoy photography and also would consider myself a sports junkie. My friends that know me well would say that if there is a game on TV, I am in front of it. I also like to read and listen to music, those of which will be featured in the side column.

Today in Sports and has taken on a bundle of changes over the weekend. I've had this blog going since the summer and had very heavy baseball coverage during the playoffs. Check or the new layout and leave a comment on it.

Chicago Sunsets started because I am going through some medical issues that keep me at home and out of work (Broken ankle). I am able to see the sunset daily (when it does show) and enjoy taking these shots of the sunset in the Western sky. This blog gets a lot of traffic and comments as well. Just click on the link and stop by and leave a comment and rate my blog.

A Table For One was set up for more writing and creative work and I have made many changes to the template. The template designer, Caz, has emailed me after seeing his template take on all these changes and commented on them by saying "It looks AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing the link. I really love what you have done with it. I am very impressed. Keep smiling and have a great day.-Caz."

Please click on his link on the side or bottom of the blog if you are looking for a new template that you can modify. Let him know that you were at A Table For One as well, I sure the he would love the referral.

Hope everyone had a nice holiday.


**I have just about completed the book featured on the left "A Million Little Pieces" and will do a write up on that in the near future. This book is a must have so far.**

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November 22, 2005

Presidential influences, post presedential terms...

I will be the first to admit that I am not very political. I was always told that if I wanted a voice in conversations or about government, then I had to vote.

I voted.

I vote all the time. Every time there was a vote on issues or new or amended articles on the local, county, and presidential election, I voted. I agree that if you don't vote, you really don't stand a ground in any political conversation. Like I said, I am not political and I don't want my opinions to be expressed that I am "getting political" here. I do have something on my mind that is political in nature, but I guess it is just a thought to ponder.

Here are some of my thoughts that will support my questions at the end of this post.

Title: Two Term Presidents and the worldly influences of a current living former President

I liked President Reagan and what he ultimately stood for. He was a man that wanted to revolutionize the people of America have the citizens reduce their reliance on the United States Government. He held 2 terms in office with Vice President George Bush Sr. and faced challenges of major proportions. President Reagan was shot on January 20, 1981, just 69 days after taking office and was back at work showing the American people that he had a job to do. His popularity with the people soared. He was very responsive to US/Soviet relations and was responsible for signing a treaty that would eliminate intermediate-range nuclear missiles. Reagan was a doer, he wanted the tax code fixed, he wanted international relations to shine, but most of all he wanted to fulfill his campaign pledge of 1980 to "restore the great, confident roar of American progress and growth and optimism."

He did that for his country, and in my opinion one term was better than the other.

Let's fast forward to another 2 term president, President William Jefferson Clinton.
This is another President that I admired for the growth in the economy and in the aspects of American culture that he wanted to fix or enhance. He was passionate about education upgrades, the protection of jobs for parents of sick children, heavier restriction of handgun sales, and the strengthening of environmental rules and regulations. In 1998, President Clinton was the 2nd president to be impeached by the House of Representatives. He was tried by the Senate and was found not guilty for his indiscretions with a White House intern. He went public and apologized and continued to have unprecedented approval ratings as president.

Clinton overcame personal issues as well as the balancing the budget. He was the first president in decades to propose a balanced budget, and achieved a balanced surplus.

I remember President Clinton for many things during his presidency, but mostly the dynamic economic growth and the way that consumer confidence continued to grow during his presidency.

I went to my mailbox the other day to pick up my mail and in there was the December issue of Esquire magazine. On the cover is President Clinton. The title under his name is "Bill Clinton, The most influential man in the world starts getting his hands dirty." So open it up and the title of his article that is on page 25 says "The Third Term", and this gets me thinking of many different things. I look at the picture and it shows a thinner Clinton with the look of a heart patient, whom has thinned down and is worn on the outer edges. Here are my thoughts to the cover and the title and things that I wonder if others think of these options as well.

After seeing a man go through a major medical procedure, and works hard in post public service; this is an honorable man that should influence government as long as he can. I believe in Clinton and his recent efforts. I have seen exposure of a man that seems at time as though he is still in office. He was aggressive with former President Bush in getting Americans to donate funds for Katrina victims. I can't seem to go to a book store without seeing his book front and center. He has exposure like no other living president that I can remember after JFK.

Here are my burning questions.

Should we as Americans be able to elect a president to a 3rd term if approval ratings are high? If not, how does a former president like Clinton affect world events?


**As I mentioned, this just came in the mail and I intend on doing a follow up of the article in the next few days. I will hold my Republican/Democratic/Independent status quiet and speak of my opinions and of facts.

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November 20, 2005

When the rubber hits the road...

This is a term that my father used within the family structure and still does to this day. I don't know if it was passed down, or if it is from his love affair with automobiles.

I have taken this phrase and the meaning that he always gave us and turned it into what happens to us in everyday life. His meaning for this saying was that "when push came to shove and it is going to happen that is when the rubber hits the road.”

I have pondered this saying for years, until about 5 years ago. I many conversations with a manager that I worked with, he had a saying that really summed it up for me. We would talk strategy and what we should say in certain circumstances and at the end of the conversation, he would say, "it is what it is, and you can't change it." He was right.

Circumstances that happen in our lives everyday are what they are and we are the ones that are responsible for them and what the outcomes are. I guess when the rubber hits the road; honesty and integrity in a person are what truly shine.

Do you or your family have any sayings that make you think like that? What are they?

Until tomorrow...


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November 16, 2005

Breaking the Ice...

First off, I would like to say thank you for stopping by A Table For One.
A Table For One will show you everything from short stories to the random images that run through a mind of the creative.

A Table For One is a place where you have nothing else to do but think. A place to discover the thoughts that need to be heard and the places that the creative mind wanders. Their are thoughts of friends, travel, experiences, and many more that will move you in the days and months ahead.

We will discover that the imaginary friend that lives in us is still alive and that they help you the way. I am glad to bring you the inner most and deepest thoughts from the core of the mind.

This Blog will feature the thoughts and writing of The Thinker.

This site has been modified with the permission of Caz. Thank you for allowing me to express a vision through your work at A Table For One.


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