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December 25, 2005

She is BACK!! Check out the new look as well....

My friend is here for her second tour at "A Table for One'" She was our second renter and she was a great guest and we appreciated the "large tip" that she left.

This week I received a call from a supporter, Melissa from "Jetting through Life" looking for a cozy place to shack up. I let her know that Chicago is very cold now and that she may just want to crank up the heat and all..but that didn't turn her away. She said that Ohio isn't much better considering when she booked this room for the week, it was snowing where she lives. She insisted on shacking up here for the week...(It must be the reputation that we have for the world famous sticky buns or something...)

She is here and located in the LEFT sidebar. Please show this veteran blogger her due and stop over to her sight that is nothing short of funny, fun, and hysterical.

Here is a picture of what you have to click on and her site description and rating:

Jetting Through Life
I am just a normal person trying to get by in my every day life. At times I think my life is really boring, but it's truly what you make of it. So my blog is daily thoughts and happenings... This is who I am... Take me or leave me...

Most users rated this blog : Personal

What users liked about this blog : Good writing

Average Review Score : 84%

Melissa has been a strong supporter of my other sites and I thank her for that! :)


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December 22, 2005

Gift suggestions for Mom, what I should have asked for....

I receive this email the other day from my mother.

She says "

to me

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Dec 21 (1 day ago)
From: Pete K
Mailed-By: gmail.com
To: XXX@gmail.com
Date: Dec 21, 2005 10:34 AM
Subject: xmas
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(My name) are you there.? I asked you for a list of suggestions....

So I sent her what I wanted. Then I was thinking about how shitty this past year has been. We have seen the rich get richer, the middle class still humping away everyday and we have seen and heard of the loss of life overseas.

Personally, I think that I should change my list to my mother.

re: X-mas gifts.

These are things that are warranted after a bad year.

Dear Santa,

Here are some of the things that I could use to make my life easier and more comlete in 2006.

Map of beaches in Hawaii for one month trip:

For my office:

For the Living Room

For the Bedroom:

Thank you and enjoy the milk, opps sorry - the Heineken and salted pretzels. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you've made your list and have checked it twice.

Oh yeah, and on your way out, check your feet for reindeer , the stuff is nasty and will definitely stink up your place.

Merry Christmas,


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Some Christmas fun...

This is a result of looking through some old 3 1/2 inch floppy's. Be safe this holiday season and buckle up.

I would also like to say Merry Christmas to all new and returning visitors. I don't know what the fuss is about this year. I mean is an eight year old supposed to know that you are Jewish? I have many Jewish friends and I respect them, and wish them a Happy Holiday Season as well. I just don't get this, and why this year?

With everything going on in the world today, is this that big of a deal? So you may offend a few people...that isn't going to take care of the larger issues in the world and in our government. Let's face it, if you say "Happy Holidays" to me I am not going to tell you that I believed in Santa and celebrated Christmas all my life and you should say "Merry Christmas" and not "Happy Holidays." I just wouldn't be that offended.

So if you don't like that I am not "PC" then you can read the button and...

anyways, Merry Christmas...


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December 19, 2005

Music Review:

The Riptones/Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Show: House of Blues
Opening act: The Riptones

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

I arrived at the House of Blues at around 8 p.m. and met some friends from the suburbs of Chicago that came in for the show. They were camped near the front of the stage and the opening act was to go on at 9 p.m. I decided that when you are a in a place like the HOB, you are part of a "captive" audience. I was told that the coat check was $5.00. I tied my jacket around my waste. I was then told that beers were $5.50...I decided to drink very slowly. Thank god for the togo cup on the walk over. I felt like I was held captive to the price. I am by no means cheap, but 5 bucks for someone to watch my coat for 3 hours and then a tip as well? It just didn't seem right. It is a cool place to see a show none-the-less.

A little after 9 The Riptones took the stage and started the show with some "beer drinking" music as they called it. I have never listened to their CD's, but after hearing songs like, "Wine", "El Camino", and "Don't Touch my Hair", I am a fan. I will tell you that I have heard Big Bad Voodoo Daddy on CD, and the $27.50 for the ticket was worth seeing just the Riptones. They rocked. As a non album owner the Riptones music, I have added them to my list of gifts that I would like for Christmas.

Honestly, I was really into the music and when they played "Don't Touch My Hair", I thought that the lead singer was being sarcastic when he yelled it out before the song started because they are have hair that reminds you of actors from "Happy Days" that no one would be able to touch. Then I was thinking...that is the name of the song, pretty cool.

The bass player, Earl, rocked his upright bass all night. He was a showman and showed amazing stage presence for the band. The lead guitarist, Michael Krasovech was AMAZING! He had a laid back presence, which was like a firecracker waiting to explode. All you had to do was wait for his time to shine and he lit the place up. Well, Krasovech did just that, exploded some amazing licks for the packed crowd at many different times. The Lead, Jeb Bonansinga was hitting the mic like a new age Johnny Cash. He was very thankful of the crowds’ applause, and the reaction from the packed house. Between him and Earl, they were awesome. The drummer reminded me of Rick Okasik from the cars. He hit the beats crisply, and I think got better during "El Camino" and "Don't Touch my Hair." They were great and a perfect headliner for BBVD.

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy took the stage with a 6 piece horn section, a drummer behind the Plexiglas, a pianist, an upright bass player and a lead singer that rocked the house for the annual Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Christmas Party. They put on a great show that included the bands trumpet player, Glen Marhevka who just didn't quit. The horn section had some sweet moves on stage and even came up to the front edge and played for the crowd.

The upright bass player, Dirk Shumaker sang a great Christmas song and was very sharp in the gray suit and hat on stage

I can't say enough about the horn section, because they are just jaw dropping at points and a must see.

The lead singer, Scotty Morris was very easy to understand and perfect on the guitar. He’s the type of lead singer/guitarist that makes a connection with the crowd and keeps everyone involved. When the band broke into, "Sweet Home Alabama" the place wents nuts! Thanks BBVD! I have been looking forward to seeing them live because I have been a fan of the Swingers soundtrack.

BBVD has a few songs on it including, "You & Me & The Bottle Makes Three Tonight, Baby", "I Wan'na Be Like You", and a favorite sing along during the show, "Go Daddy-O." You won't be disappointed if you get a chance to see them. If you live under a rock and have never heard music before, you won't go wrong with The Riptones, or Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.


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December 18, 2005

What a weekend...

I have so much to get to from the past 2 days, I don't know where to start...

I will have a review if a kick ass concert at the House of Blues in Chicago that I attended on Saturday night, sometime on Monday. I will elaborate on the picture below probably even more over the next few days.

This is how I felt on Sunday...(All Day!!) It is now 12 midnight CST and I am just back on line. I had internet connection issues and also router problems. I am also not a duck either.

I am heading to bed because I am tired and feel as though I was hit with a Mack Truck from last night out and managing this one (me) person IT department today.

Till Monday...


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December 16, 2005

New neighbor...and LuLu

Just over a week ago I heard a new tenant moving in two doors down in my high-rise. I also heard that he had a beagle. I am a huge dog lover and I was looking forward to meeting him and his dog. He (the owner) is David and he is a software guru and just arrived here in Chicago for a new job. He is a cool guy in his upper 20's that is pretty laid back and just likes to chill. He had asked to borrow the wine opener last week and that was the first time that we met. We had met again and we had talked about getting a beer at some point and yesterday he email me and I let him know that I was having dinner delivered and that he was more than welcome to come over. Well, I decided that I would head to his place and invite him and of course the dog. I showed up and let him know that he was invited and hanging at my place would be cool. He had said to me that here in the city is a tough place to meet new people and I agree 110%. Chicago is a beautiful city, but it has its clicks.

Anyway, he said that he would come over and I told him to bring the dog. So David and my new friend LuLu came over and she owned the joint.

She is precious and loves getting her tummy rubbed and the attention from people. She is well behaved and a just loves stretching out on the carpet. She and her owner are welcome anytime.

Queen on the couch...


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December 15, 2005

My Morning Email Rounds...

I have a daily routine that consists of getting up, grinding the daily java and sitting and reading my emails. I usually get between 15-25 emails every morning. I don't know if this is a lot or a little compared to everyone else that is "at home" all day. They range from Overstock emails to friends sending me funny shit and other stuff. I do get important info as well, and that is what I respond to first.

Then after raking through the lot of emails, I head on over to the lovely SP*M folder. (I starred that because I DO NOT want any more) I think that for the next week I am going to save all that type of mail that I receive. Today I was graced with the following:

Sent from (of course)"anonymous"
"Do you want to increase your sperm production by 500%?"
"Do you want to have the best sex of your life and maintain a long lasting erection?"

O.k. you get the point...

But I was thinking, as I always do.

If I am a healthy male that thinks that I am in fine working order, then why in whoever's name would I "need" 500% more? This is what popped in my head after reading that.

I will be the first to admit that some of the emails that come in are funny and then there are the ridiculous ones...

500%? Are you kidding me?


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December 13, 2005

China meets A Table For One...

All the way from China to rent a space at our table...

This is the home of one American Professor in China his moments of insanity, loves, losses and wanderings through the Middle Kingdom. You are always welcome there. This is a virtual table where a place will always be set for you and laughter and generous helpings served up in this all night Chinese take-out.

Take a minute and click on my friend OMB, "OneManBandwidth" it is worth a stop. The link to his blog is located on the left side under the delicious pastries...

Thank you for renting,


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December 12, 2005

My current debate...What is the true meaning?

Just the other day I was speaking with a guy friend from back home that said that he has friends and he has acquaintance's. I asked him for his explanation of the differences and he did.

I want your explanations or if there is a difference at all. Where do you draw the line in the sand between the two?

Word and Meaning:


noun 1: a person you know well and regard with affection and trust; "he was my best friend at the university" 2: an associate who provides assistance; "he's a good ally in fight"; "they were friends of the workers" [syn: ally] [ant: foe] 3: a person with whom you are acquainted; "I have trouble remembering the names of all my acquaintances"; "we are friends of the family" [syn: acquaintance] 4: a person who backs a politician or a team etc.; "all their supporters came out for the game"; "they are friends of the library" [syn: supporter, protagonist, champion, admirer, booster] 5: a member of the Religious Society of Friends founded by George Fox (the Friends have never called themselves Quakers) [syn: Friend, Quaker]


This post has been certified as a no BS post!

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December 07, 2005

The Daily Path...

I walk into the living room and I hear, "Today’s forecast...low in the 20's and brisk, dress warm if you are along the shore.” I grab all the necessary accessories, hat, gloves, and warm coat and head on a journey that wouldn't end. See, I am a nomad in a big city where there are movers and shakers on every block and the sense of security is amazing because of all the people. I see the Italians with their Mercedes dispensing heavy amounts of condensation that drip from the dual exhaust to the freezing surface of the ground. I see the old timers sitting in the old fashioned diner talking shop. I ponder what they are discussing together. Is this conversation about today, yesterday or of years past? I continue walking. I see firemen and policemen, and I grin with lips turned upward because the cold hurts my teeth if opened. I am friendly, and that is a personality trait I wouldn’t know how to abandon on any day.

It begins to snow, just lightly, and I see the formation on car tracks on the street. I consider walking along the street because the sidewalks are slippery. Instead I decide to tuck myself in close to the side of the many establishments which are open for business. I smell all kinds of foods, the typical fast food, french fries, and some essence of steak. I see people who are coming and going from a local hotel -- in and out-- out and in--through a revolving door. The number of people that enter and exit staggers me. I keep walking.

I see a beautiful woman with a suitcase speaking to another woman and then all of a sudden she yells out, “Tell me you didn’t do that with my husband!” I keep walking and say to myself, “and you think your rolodex is filled to the brim?” I have seen and heard the problems in people’s lives. They are hard to escape sometimes, especially if you care for someone that is affected.

I make a sharp right turn and am blasted with a dynamic gust that feels so cold it has temporarily stripped me of all my clothes. It is so cold that the term, “it went right through me”, isn’t far from reality.

I see two Golden Retrievers approaching and then passing. I wish they were inside where it is warm. I realize they have to walk with their mouths open and that makes my own teeth ache. I look back at them and they take a quick left and are out of sight. They were beautiful. I continue this journey to a destination unknown and realize I want a dog.

I see a local coffee shop with my name on it, so I step inside and immediately feel the warm air from the vent above. I am greeted by the staff who is kind and relaxed. I order my coffee, Christmas Blend, with room for cream, and a slice of pumpkin bread. I receive my coffee, look around, and there is a friend from a long time ago. I see him, but he doesn’t see me. I approach him and I say hesitantly, “Eric?” He turns, and while squinting from the sun coming through the window, he says, “Could I be seeing things, it’s been…20 years or so?” I admit out loud that it has been 20 years. I think to myself, where has the time gone between old friends? I ask, “What are you doing here? What are you doing in town?” He says he has moved here for a new job and is here for awhile. He insists that we sit together and catch up. Eric was a high school classmate who went away after senior year to Colorado for college. I haven’t seen him since. He is single and temporarily in corporate housing. He is looking for a place to live and asks if I know of any nice places. We sit and drink our coffees and exchange stories about what we did as close friends years ago. We talk of the girls we dated and the other fun times.

We exchange phone numbers and emails and then depart, going in different directions. I think to myself… I have been here over a year and haven’t run into anyone that I knew from my past. That seems odd to me.

My next stop is the local used books store. I have warm coffee in hand and a semi-full belly.

I am greeted by Lily, who welcomes me to the store and says, “If you have any questions or are looking for something, let me know.” I nod in acknowledgement and smile, teeth exposed due to another warm place.

I find a book on Greco-Roman times that looks as though it has been well read in the past. This is like a cue that the book filled with small font and pictures may teach me something. I look at the chariots and the armour that was worn and I drift back in the couch and read, and read some more. While looking at the pictures and descriptions I think about how this is what I came from in years past. What was this like? What were the pains in their society? What did they come “home” to after being in battle? I am reading and not seeing the words. I backtrack, realizing that I didn’t comprehend any of what I read, and need to read it again. I sink deeper and I am holding this book for at least 30 minutes when Lily comes over and says, “That book has come and gone from here a few times and I would be willing to give you a discount.” I agree, make my purchase, and depart. I really haven’t left the used book store because the thoughts are still in my head. I will return to reality in just a minute, but I don’t…
(To be continued)

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December 01, 2005

Back in 1975...

Making a connection from then to now.

This is where it all started for me. I was sitting in this amazing car. It was chocolate brown, white leather interior and it was stunning. It rolled into the driveway and has the length of a steamship, and the highly visible V8 under the hood. Here I am and I am hearing and remembering that the car had "every conceivable option" and I was thinking that this is a great day for all of us who are car enthusiast.

I was 8 when all this happened. I had no clue what a V8 was, and better yet I thought that my father had an option to return it if he didn't like it. That is the truth. I loved this car. It had a bench seat in the front and back and it was white leather. It was soft and had an armrest that split the middle front so that driver as well as passenger had a place to rest the elbow. It was a place for other things that I will explain later.

The ride of this car was amazing. It would float down the road like an early 90's Lincoln town car with no shocks all around. It had a moon roof that would have accommodated the landing of the Aurora 7 in 1962. In 1962 the capsule orbited the Earth for 4 hours and that is how long it took to walk around this automobile.

I come to remember my father handing over the reigns to my mother to take my brother and me to church on Sunday's. This was a treat because I boldly remember my mother had a lead foot in the 70's and 80's and when we went around that rotary with faces pressed against said glass....you always chose the right position to sit in, depending on direction of travel. I remember the speed around the rotary was the same as on a straight road, so it felt like you were pulling 4 G's and the inertia would have you pressing against the side of the car till the road became straight again. How I miss church...

I have many memories of that fine ride. It is a classic if you have one in the garage these days. My last memory that I have of that car came in the summer of 1975 and my dad had only owned the car for a few months. I was 8 at the time. I was very into baseball and was the catcher on VFW Post 1399. I was the catcher for my best friend Mark who designated me to catch his roaring fastball. Looking back, I was the Doug Mirabelli for Tim Wakefield. It was a great game and I was learning the traits of all fine catchers. I was backhanding the ball at the plate on balls that were down and I was also learning to back up first on throws from the infield. Mark and I made a great pitcher/catcher battery that was a power house in the league, and we were also best friends. As they say, great things come to an end and that day at Academy Ave was the day that it all changed as a catcher and memories of the 75 Bird. I was at the plate and displayed the signals (yes we had signals) to Mark and he delivered the pitch. It was hit to short and I flipped the mask off and headed down the first base line (which was sloped to the right) to back up the throw and all I remember was that I was laying in the dirt back at home plate with massive amounts of blood coming from out of my face. The batter had let go of the bat and about 15 feet down the line it caught me across the face after it slipped from his hands. I remember getting picked up by parents and delivered to the 75 Thunderbird and laying my head in the armrest that were once white and now covered in blood. The last thing that to this day that I remember saying to my father was that "I am sorry about bleeding on the white leather interior" while crying in pain. At this point, I blacked out don't remember anything else about that car except that I liked the car a lot and that I was sorry for ruining my dads pride and joy at the time.

Despite all that happened around that time, I think back and can imagine that my dad was the Don Corleone of his time in that ride.

It would rival the modern day rides of hip hop stars and cruisers of the strip in LA and other cities.

I also think that the modern day Thunderbird is a classic after driving my dad's. It is a nice machine that is extremely comfortable and even better when you have the top down.

I know that my father has visions of getting my mother her own someday and I am sure that he would like it for her in a nice shade of pink...

Thank you for the memories and to you my parents, for I am forever grateful.

I will be home soon for Christmas.


I just wanted to share a piece of my childhood.
What defines your childhood to the present day?
Any one ore more events?
Please comment and let me know.

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