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February 27, 2006

Belated Birthday wishes to a fellow blogger.

Happy Birthday Lewis!
Click on Muppets to head to Lewis's site!
**Monday mailbag hasn't been checked yet, so as soon I get it, I will post the unusual...
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February 24, 2006

Medications and a side effect conversation.

As most of my readers know, or may not, I am a little banged up from an accident that I suffered some time ago. I am seeing specialists and a Dr. on a regular basis.

There is one thing that I have seen come of this injury, a higher rate of not really caring what comes out of my mouth and just turning everything into a funny. As some of the people that hang around me say, "you never know what to expect, but we know-cause we are used to it." That is true and making light of something in a world that is filled with higher stress levels, confrontation, and arrogance--I have decided that there isn't much I can do but "shake it off" and be funny because I can and will. I don't care much at all what I say when I am out (and that isn't often) so I make the best of it. Yesterday was no different.

It was medication day. This is the day that I was waiting for the approval of some meds that (fingers crossed) make the pain go away. When I mean pain, I mean the kind that hangs around for hours and tells you who is boss. I suffer from that and the hopeful cure is here. So, the Dr. calls and goes over the meds and the side effects and all and says that I should see some results. I am pleased and head to CVS to fill them. I approach the pharmacist and he says that CVS doesn't work with the insurance company that I am with and that he only has one if the medications in stock of the two that I need. I thank him and move on back to the nest. When I get in, I call my savior for all things that I can't do because I am new in this city and have been more or less confined to my apartment for the past year.
She says that she will make the calls and help out and if everything is a go, she will pick me up in the car and we can head to Walgreen's.


She get to the house and we head over and make our way to the counter at the pharmacy and see a gent there that is at the computer and asks us if we need help. Well, yes we do and that is why I am on this side of the counter I am thinking. He asks some questions that can't be answered and then a woman comes over and asks some additional questions and says that it will be about 30 minutes. O.k., so we walk around the store and I love the candy isle...I could live there. Mike and Ikes, Hot Tamales, and Good & Plenty's...had to get them. I tell her that I am getting tired of walking and I head back and sit and read some magazines that are next to the pharmacy. I know that gossip mags are the way of the world, but when did Brittney Spears go from looking like shit to looking so good in a matter of hours on the day of the Grammy's? We sit for about 30 minutes and I hear my name called and we pay for the candy and some additional items. At that time, the pharmacist comes over and says thank you for waiting. I let her know that I appreciated her help and that I would like to discuss the side effects with her and see what she says (cause she works with this stuff everyday) and compare it with the Dr.'s.

I step aside and we start with the overall side effects and she said that they will both cause a little drowsiness and I may get constipated... (great)...oh yeah and some dry mouth...

Here is the conversation from there:

TT : Thank you for telling me, I will make sure that I drink a lot of water.

Pharm: That would be a good idea and also make sure you tell your Dr. if there is any other side effects that occur.

TT: will do... While I am in the question mode-Any sexual side effects...Does it mean if I have an erection for more than 4 hours should I consult a Dr.?

Pharm: (covering her mouth and holding my arm says-"If you have a 4 hour erection, it won't be because of the medication.... (quick wit)....

TT: (as I walk away) Thank you and have a great night...

Pharm: (smiling)... You too and I hope that you feel better...

It was funny to see her blushing and having some fun with it because I am sure questions don't come up often for that.

I have included the stickers below for you all to see that although the conversation with pharmacist was hysterical, the price of the medications wasn't.
I paid nothing for these, but was told what the price was before I talk with her about a possible 4 hour boner.

There are the 2 meds that I picked up. The higher price is the one on the bottom and that is at full price. The one on top is the generic brand that would cost $190.00 if you had to pay for it with cold hard cash.

You can pick you mouth off the ground now. I was shocked that the 2 meds could have cost me close to $400 .00. This makes me think how unfair it is for people who have no insurance or can't afford the medications they need. I hope the big wigs at Pfizer realize that they can assist in helping this make more sense. $400.00 for 150 pills makes no sense. Get it straightened out and do it soon so that people don't have to go without.

In all, this was the shock and awe of the day. Shock was seeing the face of the pharmacist and the awe was the $$ of the prescriptions.

FYI- Do not operate heavy machinery while on these medications. That won't be a problem seeing that I don't have a car and I left my John Deere parked near the beach back in Boston.



P.S- Thank you "P" for all your help yesterday, without you I wouldn't be posting this under the influence....LOL

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February 20, 2006

Monday Mailbag...and a trip to the beach...

In an effort to increase traffic to MommC's Blogcharm blog, I have purchased some lotion and headed to the beach to hang with her. I bought some great lotion and I am on my way....won't you pay her a visit as well and click on the thumbnail on the left.

Just once, go ahead try.

So here is my lotion and I am leaving in the morning.

Wish me safe travels, and visit "Bits and Pieces."

Monday Mailbag letdown:

In the meantime, I was checking the mail yesterday because I didn't get there on Saturday. This is what came in the mail. At first I was excited because I was thinking of all the people that I would love to send some flowers to. Check this out and click on the images for a larger view (recommended).

I know that the post office has to deliver the mail when it is "paid" for by individuals or companies...but when it's to late why wouldn't they just toss it in the trash?

What a let down after thinking that flowers for $20 would have been a nice idea. I guess maybe last year it was a good idea too.


I am including this email as part of the mailbag as well today.

**I am selling a camera and I posted it on Craigslist.org. I was blessed to have this person email for the camera. All names are removed to protect the arrogant!

This was an email that I received today: Craigslist Advisory: Fraud and Scam Warning! Please read our scam advisory page before replying to this message: http://www.craigslist.org/about/scams.html
This warning is automatically attached to ALL craigslist forwarded emails.

Dude, You don't need to lie to me. What is wrong with it? If you let me test it, I will buy it for $115.

At what point would you decide that this is going to be the first email to "inquire" about a product that you could be interested in? I have a feeling that he won't be the "winner" of the camera. Also, have we as buyer become that skeptical of buying used "stuff" from others? What a shame.

Please flush here for "TRUST."

Here is my response:

First off, I have all the pictures on discs that I took and I am
selling it because I am upgrading to a newer digital.

I didn't test it when I bought it and was given a 7 day
guarantee, which I was going to give as well with the camera.

Lying is a strong word, and assuming that something is wrong
with it amazes me that anyone would say that...

It is in great shape and for sale.

Take it or leave it.


That is it from A Table For One...



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February 16, 2006

New Renter and the case of the stolen robe!!

Yes, you read it right. In a brief conversation with our past renter (Lindsey Mitchell), she indeed left A Table for One... with a new robe. After trying to charge her card for the $109.99 and seeing that her charge # was declined we have decided to bring this public to all the readers that visit here.

Here is the conversation that led to the confirmation of the theft:

lindseymitchell: I leanred today that you can officially leave your dishes for 3 weeks before they start to smell
chrisk67: sweet
chrisk67: paper or plastic?
lindseymitchell: both even
chrisk67: wow
lindseymitchell: some ceramic too
chrisk67: nice
chrisk67: and dans take on that
chrisk67: ?
lindseymitchell: he hasn't done them either
chrisk67: nice
lindseymitchell: the bastard
chrisk67: well it sounds like you two will get along just fine
chrisk67: lol@ bastard
lindseymitchell: yeah - we are similarily lazy
chrisk67: that is cool and the robe helps
lindseymitchell: totally
chrisk67: does he have the same robe
lindseymitchell: I stole the one from my stay at your place by the way
lindseymitchell: no - he wears mine
chrisk67: I will let the readers know
lindseymitchell: please do
lindseymitchell: whose you're new renter?
lindseymitchell: your
lindseymitchell: god - you would think that I was drunk or something

For more info on the robe, check the sidebar for her post "bad ass/bride to be."

She is a sport for coming clean and we appreciate it, now if we can get paid for the robe, that would be great! Thanks again for renting!

It is that time again and this is a MUST see. MommC and the her new Blogcharm blog is here for the next week!
Here is a sneak peek at what you will see when you click on the thumbnail on the left.

Check out some nice thoughts on life and see some great pictures of the sun, surf, and daily life at "Bits and Pieces."
Thanks for joining us at A Table for One... we are glad that your here with us.
P.s-We are out of robes, but we have plenty of towels!

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February 14, 2006

My day.....and the end of the saga...

Well, for all those that have been following along, the washing machine is repaired. I have lived in my condo for 15 months and estimate that I have done 50-75 loads of laundry. I thought that was very light for a GE Spacemaker to fry a belt. So Bob showed up (GE repair man) and I must say (close eyes here and think of Grizzly Adams with a black suitcase for washer/dryer repair) whom is a wearing the GE shirt and also the suspenders for keeping the plumbers butt away from the customers that he has to visit. (No picture needed-open eyes now)

So the saga is over, Bob said that he wants me to do small loads in the machine. I replied with by hand? He in turn missed the joke and kept on going with the conversation saying that this particular machine was one of the best that GE made and also the easiest to repair. That is good to know seeing that I could give a fuck less for a couple of reasons-#1, I will never live in another place where I have to do 39 small loads of laundry just to get all my wash done in a machine that I could do one white and one dark load for a total of 2. The other point, #2 is that I have absolutely ZERO desire to be a washer/dryer repair man. Phew... I am glad that I am clear...

Here is the main reason that "Bob Vader" had to come to the condo for the repair call...

The End.
If you are a reader of my site, you will know that I have an affection for caffeine. Especially Starbucks, until today (kidding).(Not really)
I was on my way back from the Dr. and stopped in and ordered my Columbian Grande with room for cream and proceeded to walk 1 block West to the condo and stop by and see if my new cell phone was in. Sure enough, great timing for me-the Fed Ex delivery man was there and I picked up my new cell and proceeded upstairs. All went well until I opened the door and was balancing my coffee on the box that the phone was in and the white, yes white carpet paid the price. The total withdrawn into the carpet was 7/8's of the cup and it was a very well made mixture of cream and sugar. That is what kills me. So I was looking for a picture of a cup and this one sums it up for me. Starbucks isn't just open in my neighborhood, it was open in MY APARTMENT (I am starting to cry) ...LOL
The rug paid the ultimate price, and for that, I am sorry.
(If you want to steal the flashing button for your blog, go right ahead)


O.K. I am in the house and the new phone is in a box that is covered with Columbian Blend and I could care less. I have my new phone in my hand and all I want to do is take it out and look at it and get it started. I love electronics and I will be the first to tell you that it would take me one day to break a Razor phone. I need the rugged construction phone and traded the old yella for the new and improved color screen i355 by Nextel.(black)

That's my day!
I will be picking a new renter for "A Table For One..." soon and I want to thank Lindsey Mitchell for her stay with us last week.
Oh yeah, Happy Valentines Day to all the women readers here!
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February 10, 2006

A Milestone Achieved, and a 4 cool cats...

Last night, I was thinking the worst about the washing machine (read below) and also that I am in need of credits because I have a kick ass renter this week and the comments on this blog have been awesome. I want to thank everyone that has visited and also people that enjoy coming here day in and day out to see what life will throw my way.

I took a screen shot after checking my stats on Blogexplosion.com and was surprised to see that I was at an even 3000 visits. Here is what I saw at 2:45 a.m. Thank you again for visiting and making this happen.

Current visits at the time of this post total were 4,636.

Now on to some silly fun.....there were many cool "cats" in the "SB"(Shout Box) last night at Blogexplosion.com sharing in some funny conversation and banter. My eyes were sore and tired, so I threw on my shades and here is what became the "new look Shout Box."

O.k. everyone, glasses ON!

From left to right, "mscateyes", The Thinker (me), My Current Renter (we'll call her Lindsey Onasis for that shot) (Check out her blog on the left sidebar)-and RobT our friend from NC all sporting the shades.

(click for larger view)


Update on the washing machine repair upcoming and I hope to have images available of the "problem" as well. No sign of Sam or Juan today...they must be at the strip club.

Take care all and I hope that you enjoyed the fun that we had at Blogexplosion.com. last night.

Not a member at Blogexplosion.com, click here.


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February 09, 2006

Take a walk with me... and bring a drink!

This all started yesterday when I decided to do a load of laundry in my GE "Space Saver" washer/dryer. I put the clothes in and after a few minutes I hear the reenactment of a civil war battle happening in the area where the machine is. I am thinking that the drum is off the guide or something or the washer has done its last load. I called the desk in my building and the said that Sam would come up and check it. So we talk and the machine is moving and grooving and so forth and all seems good, but the machine is still making the BANG, BANG, BANG noise. Sam says that he will be back today at 10 a.m.

So this morning at 11:00 a.m. Sam (from Peru) and Juan (no explanation needed) show up and I felt like I was talking to myself. I know a little Spanish, but not enough to get through this conversation. So it looked like this-they decided to look at the belt and after 20 minutes of watching these two take off 2 screws to get to the belt I felt like I should have made some coffee and ordered pastries...here is what the conversation looked like.
This was me talking to my self....and that was them carrying on about whatever it could have been... I can just imagine. This is my conclusion to the conversation because I was lost in the dust. It just can't take 20 minutes for ANYONE to take off the front panel of a machine that requires the unscrewing of 2 screws!!!! Here is what they were speaking Spanish about...it had to be... (Dazed and confused!)

So, these two incompetent maintenance men ( Sam and Juan) are coming back with the GE rep and replacing the belt (I guess) ...so we'll see -I did get through to them that if they can't get it fixed tomorrow that they will get me a NEW machine. They understood that, probably because they know that they need crisp NEW ones when they hit that strip club in the suburbs.

Here is the machine, in all its glory (RIP)...LOL

O.k, this is where the day takes a turn. I am blogging and working in my "desk area" and I decide to get the mail. I am not sure how this happens unless GQ and Esquire are selling my name, but I am getting the most random mail. Here are today’s entries in the "I got more fucked up mail at random..."

First, I see this "plain" black envelope, no indication except what you see. Pretty woman, a free DVD, and the fact that some men do "Like it hot." written on the outside.

Then amazed at the 2 magazine subs that com in on the same day, I look at the offer and it says what I can get Time for. (I would never subscribe to Time) Here is the offer. Suggested price for the year-$331.80 and that would include 56+28 issues. Then MY price is 19.95???WTF? How can that be? Did I just fall off the turnip truck...? You mean that I can get 84 issues of Time for a total savings of $291.90? WOW... (Are you fucking kidding me?)

Well this is where my daily mail bag ends...I take out the card and it isn't Playboy or Oui, its Penthouse. There is the woman that was in the "window" and the EXCLUSIVE offer for 12+1(extra issue free) for just $17.95 + Free DVD of "The Best of Volume 10."

Well the choice is neither even though the Penthouse subscription is cheaper...

Stay tuned for the upcoming mailbag from the thinker. Now do you think that I can get that 1 load of jeans washed?

(I hope the GE guy can spell it out in straight English tomorrow!)


P.S-Do't forget to check out my Bad Ass Canadian friend, Lindsey Mitchell...she is over there on the left. I hope that he is enjoying her stay. Find out more on how she got here and read below!

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February 07, 2006

New Renter, a bride-to-be & a bad ass!

You heard it here...she arrived late last night...

This is all I heard on the phone call when she said that she wanted to stay here at A Table For One...for a week.

TT: Hello?

LM: Hi is The Thinker there?

TT: is he, how can I help you?

LM: I need a place to stay, but will only consider your place as long as I can get a few amenities-a hot tub suite, some peanut butter and a high speed cable line. Oh yeah...Does your place come with fuzzy robes?

TT: (??)Of course we have robes for all our guests...

LM: Well it is a long story, but this HUNK that I am going to share the rest of my life with bought me this robe for Christmas and I would rather wear the robe that you have because it will give me a reason not to be lazy and hang in all the time.

TT: I will make sure that the robe is put on the bed and suggestions are there for things to do while you are with us. Also, congrats on the upcoming wedding, that is very nice. I will make sure there are enough towels and that the limo picks you up at the airport. FYI it is gate 23 when you board in Canada and the plane is green, I would suggest that you brought your swim suit-the pool and Jacuzzi are now open with complimentary wine on the patio.

LM: Red Wine? Because I love a glass or 2 or 3....

TT: Yes indeed.

LM: Fine, I am in and would like to book the suite on the top floor facing the cafe' across the street. Thank you and I will see you on Tuesday after I get up and stroll through the lobby.

Here is the plane and "red carpet" that was sent for Lindsey Mitchell.

If you haven't seen her site, you should-I would call it entertaining and funny. She is a great writer that wears her heart (even though she is a bad ass) on her sleeve and tells it like it is.

I was going to try to avoid this, but you need to read about the free beef that she was offered by a new company that was looking for people to try their new product. There are even pictures of this bride-to-be making dinner. Go Lindsey!

Below you will see what her site looks like and you can visit by clicking on the thumbnail that looks jut like it on the left. Check her site out, the beef and even the fact that she may like the robe more that life itself...

One more thing, when the hood to the robe comes up, all I can say is she should change the name of her blog to "Jedi Mitchell."

Welcome to A Table For One...


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February 06, 2006

Sirius vs. XM satellite radio...

I want to start out by saying that this entry isn't about a political stance against the FCC or Howard Stern or XM or Sirius Satellite Radio. I say this because I am looking for your opinions a certain aspect of this type of media.

Opinion: I will say that the move for Howard Stern was a good one, because if you want to listen, you have to pay. Period. When he was on the air in Boston (old hometown) I could catch him on WBCN 104.1 FM from 6-10 and there was always some type of buzz about some naked woman that he had on doing something bizarre or someone getting slapped with Bologna or something to that effect. I listened sometimes and though that if he went to Satellite, I may follow. After a while, I think that the "freedom of speech" aspect of his show was costing him to much and also Infinity Broadcasting as well. So, while gathering images for this post I came across this image and I would imagine that it sums up how he feels on the "FCC" subject. Remember, this isn't a debate so read on. I guess it is like that old saying, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen" and he did. Now the public has a choice to pay and listen or not. I agree that his medium now is perfect for "adult" type programming and the use of every swear word in the dictionary. I also don't subscribe to any satellite radio service. None.

Fact: I am a huge baseball fan and would like to listen to MLB on XM. I think that would be great to catch your favorite team on the radio if you live in a city like I do that isn't your original "home." I would love to listen to a Red Sox game every once and a while for that matter and it would be worth it to have the subscription. So I am leaning more for the MLB content cause I can't imagine the music choices varying that much. Right? I want one and I want the other. This is where you come in and your comments. I am looking for constructive comments on the pros and cons to both XM and Sirius Satellite Radio.

I am aware of how satellite works, and have included this for you in case you don't and want to know. Here is another site that I read some great information as well. www.orbitcast.com They are also located on the Blogroll in the side bar.

To make myself clear, this isn't about having Stern and MLB (which it is, but would choose XM for MLB really...) , but your overall experiences with either company or both if you have switched. I am talking about customer service, reception, choice of stations, likes + dislikes...etc... This is the best part... If it just sucks in general, let me know why I should save my $$.

I am sure that you get my point now.

Let's here it! Speak now or forever hold your peace!


P.s-Don't forget to check out my other new site for a laugh or 2 or 3 ... @ Destination Unknown...


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Update on prev posts: GQ came today-ZERO Subscription cards-there is a god....

Rent my Blog has more votes that even I can count...who's next? (picking tonight)...

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February 03, 2006

ASPCA (Prevent Cruelty to Animals)

From the desk of The Thinker:


In an effort to support the American Society for the Protection and Cruelty of Animals, I would like to make a donation. As a pet lover, and owner in the past, I feel it is my duty to support your foundation so that the treatment and care of animals progresses in the days ahead.

As stated on your website, this is the 140th anniversary of the Society. Please accept my donation and support.

I do need to come clean-I hate cats (allergic). But overall, The Thinker supports your efforts.

To make a donation today, please click this very cute dog and get your annual membership. Donations can be in any denomination.

Thank you


P.s-Don't forget our Renter-ChelleBelle! Visit her today.

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February 02, 2006

Just a few thoughts....

On some random shit...

I am pleased to say that my mountain from the last post has now decreased to a mole hill. Phew.

<<----I also would like to say thanks to all that have and "should" visit Chelle-Belle (Renter) here on the sidebar at A Table For One...

Here's a random thought-If you ask for something from someone (or want to take someone’s assistance for free) and decide that you are going to return the favor in a certain way...stand by your word and follow through. I am disappointed that efforts haven't been followed up on.

I have an addiction. Google. Yes, Google. I have found that I am searching the Internet all the time and I am addicted. Done.

I have started a new blog because of my addiction and wanted to give it a shameless plug if I may...Jessica-Do the honors:

Thank you Thinker... I am please to announce to the Blog-0-Sphere

"Destination Unknown"

A place where discovering what is out there while searching web could and may leave you cross eyed at times.

Enjoy my newest place of creativity and email me any shit that you may want me to post.

It's Thursday, let’s start the fucking weekend early huh?


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