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June 25, 2007

No Title...

WOW...Did you see Hell's Kitchen...? I mean really...They can't get a meal out that is right and 65% of the guests said that they wouldn't ever come back...

Their isn't a person in that contest/kitchen that is qualified to be the Head Chef at the Green Valley Ranch. I would tell them all to pack up and get some new cooks in. I like reality show most of the time, but when it comes to cooking I want to see what at least one person can show for skills. A front-runner, a leader....something. Rock is the only contestant that shows that he has some skills and he is still my pick to win this contest.

I will say that Gordon Ramsay does have my vote for making it funny. If I had only one more wish about the show, I would like to see a uncensored version. Gordon swearing in that accent would be priceless.
Can you say muggy? It was muggy here in Chicago today. I wish I was close to the beach on days like today.
I bought the pooch a harness today on clearance at Petco. It is black and will wrap around her chest and the D-Link will be on her back taking pressure off her neck while walking. I am interested in how this all works out after Thursday. Chloe is getting the staples out for sure then, I called today and I can bring her in around 10 a.m.
That is it for today, I will catch up with you all later.

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June 24, 2007


I started this project last week where I am rearranging some stuff in my room and putting up a new shelf...and time just slipped away.

Here is what I have done since last week:

I love surfing http://www.bidz.com/ in the watch section...some nice stuff, some of the other is junk.

I was glad to see that Louis is the captain on Pirate Master. I watched the DVR for Traveler that I recorded last Wednesday, that show has started to get interesting. Friday night was National Bingo Night. We weren't winners.

This Saturday and Sunday were days that we stayed in because we were in risk of not having a parking space because of a street fair that was a half a block from the house. Today was also the Gay Pride parade in Chicago. I found this picture of a German in Moscow that was protesting the parade. I wonder if he wants sausage with that egg...lol

I will be around this week, so I will check in with you later.


P.s Chloe has her staples out from getting spayed this Thursday. We are all excited about her getting the huge plastic collar off. I would have gone crazy with that on for 2 weeks.

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June 17, 2007

New news.....

Well, first off, Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.

It has been a hectic 4 days for me. I have had Chloe spayed and that has taken up some time, I have had some errands that I have had to take care of, and of course...some time alone with the other half for a movie today. We saw Mr. Brooks. I would say, "go and see this thriller if you like murder movies." It was a very streamline movie for the entire time. It never had a major climax, except one of my favorite scenes in the movie. I don't know if that is the climax of this movie, but I enjoyed it. I won't give it away, but if you saw this movie, leave your thought in the comments.

Chloe was spayed and was given a doggie tune up to the tune of around $300.00 bucks at PAWS Chicago. She is doing much better after the first day. She had a tough few hours after coming home, now all she wants to do is play. One problem, that collar that they have to wear so that they won't bite, lick, or tear at the would is a PAIN in the ASS! She is a 1 and a half year old train wreck. So much that she has a dedicated spot for 2 weeks. That is how long she has to wear that collar that looks like an umbrella. She will clean out a room with that collar, knocking things down and just destroying a room. I would hate to wear anything like that, so I can't imagine that she does. She knows that our other dog is upstairs too, so she just wants to play. She is a very good dog and we are very happy to have her.

Tomorrow is the first day of Summer Day Care for our little friend here that finished 1st grade. He is excited to be off and to head to summer camp. I can't remember if I was beat up at summer camp. I can only remember being around the restaurant when I was younger. I guess that was summer camp enough. We learned how to cook and that is always a bonus...

Well, have a great rest of your Sunday and once again, Happy Father's Day.

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June 14, 2007

I hope that tomorrow is better than today

Well, if you have stopped by and read my blog lately, you should know that I have a new furry friend. She is sweet and very loving. What else could you ask for?

At this point, I guess that Chloe could ask for a better day than this afternoon. You see, today was the day that I decided to have her taken to PAWS Chicago a local non-profit that is a no-kill shelter for her shots and to be spayed. It went very well at the clinic today. She was very groggy when we picked her up today and was just in another zone. I know what that zone is like after waking up from surgery. It isn't pretty and I am sure that she is hating me for today.

She has been sleeping since coming home and had an accident as a result to the anesthesia. She didn't eat at all since last night before 8 p.m., so it was just some fluid that she threw. She has a few staples and will go back in 14 days to have them out. I am sure that she won't be happy then.

Chloe is up to date now on all her shots and also tested negative for heart worm. That was the great news today. That's about it. I just wanted to let you all know.

I am sure that tomorrow will be better than today...

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June 12, 2007

Hell's Kitchen Episode 2

How can you not love Gordon Ramsay? He is a firecracker with a short wick. How can a whole team get booted from the kitchen in a cooking contest when their were probably tens of thousands of entries?

Well, this week Aaron had another breakdown and was told to work the dining room floor. He was to take the bones out of the Dover Sole. At first he was roaming around the floor and greeting people. That wasn't what Chef Ramsay wanted and was spoken too. While speaking to him, Aaron went off into another land. I mean he was passed out with his eyes open. This show has more Drama than watching a 7 year old.

The men couldn't handle the heat in the kitchen were were kicked out and sent to the dorms.

The women on the other hand, pulled it together and picked up where the men left off.

Rock, from the men's team was chosen as the leader for this week and was to pick to people for elimination. He chose Eddie and Josh. Eddie blew it on the line during service and Josh tried to cover up his chicken dish. That is a no no in Hell's Kitchen.

This show is a blast to watch and I still give it 5 pitchforks out of 5.

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June 11, 2007

A few thoughts...

Here are a few things that are running through my mind...in case you care, or forget...

I loved Hell's Kitchen tonight....more on that tomorrow.

Red Sox had the day off, still looking strong in the AL East.

I see the Dr. for another visit for my post-operative check up. The scars are killing me and I hope that it goes away soon. Surgery on your ankle is tough when you realize that you need that ankle and foot to WALK!!! ARG!

I had a great dinner and before coming to the computer, I remembered that their is a tasty roast in the Fridge that I am cooking tomorrow.

I have XM satellite radio and I love it. Opie and Anthony come back from a one month suspension on the 15th of June. I am looking forward to that. Also, I really like the Ron and Fez show that has been on XM 202 in the meantime. It is a great show and if you are interested in XM and have questions, email me.

For the men, in case you forgot...Father's Day is JUNE 17th. I picked up the gift today, but forgot the card at Walgreen's. Oh well, another trip tomorrow.

Talk to you later....

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June 09, 2007

Our new friend...

I picked her up last night. She is a pure bred Golden Retriever and she is a year and a half old. She is a big girl at almost 65-70 lbs.

We are glad to have her, and we named her Chloe. She was a rescue.

If you are interested in rescuing a pet in need, contact your local shelter or check on Craigslist.org where we found her.

Welcome to the family.

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June 08, 2007

32nd America's Cup

I am a fan of sailing, sounds as fun as some people say about Nascar-but I am a fan of most sports. I grew up in MA, and I have been to Newport, RI when the America's Cup was there in my youth. I love watching the strategy and the work on the open water of how a crew gets a 24 ton boat to move at 7+ knots.

The Loius Vuitton Cup is over and the Kiwi's won over a strong Italian boat in the best of 9 series 5-0. It's amazing how fast the Kiwi's boat is. I know to a lot of you this may sound boring as watching an egg fry, but if you are a fan stick with me on this.

The America's Cup finals will put the Kiwi's up against the defending champion of the Cup, the Swiss in the boat Alinghi.

Here are some pictures of the LV Cup and the schedule for the Finals.

The America’s Cup match (From June 23 to July 7, 2007)
Saturday June 23- Race 1
Sunday June 24 - Race 2
Monday June 25- Off
Tuesday June 26- Race 3
Wednesday June 27- Race 4
Thursday June 28- Off
Friday June 29- Race 5
Saturday June 30- Race 6*
Sunday July 1- Race 7*
Monday July 2- Off
Tuesday July 3- Race 8*
Wednesday July 4- Race 9*
From Thursday 5 to Saturday 7 July - Reserve Days

All race can be seen on VS. (Verses) on your local cable network.


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June 07, 2007

It was hot today...new addition to the sidebar

High of 92 today in Chicago.....Here is your weather in Chicago now...

Check it out on the sidebar.

Keep cool and look for the Pirate Masters update on Thursday.

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Red Sox woes...

The Boston Red Sox have dropped 4 straight and 3 to Oakland after tonight, 3-2. My modo has always been, if you don't hit you won't score. They just aren't hitting. I hope this changes soon because the Yankees are having their way with the White Sox.

Terry Francona was ejected in the 8th for arguing balls and strikes.

Is is me, or does the umpire have an erection?

(Photo - Yahoo Sports and Getty images)


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June 05, 2007

Hell's Kitchen

I love the first show of a new season, especially when it pertains to an industry that you grew up in.

I have to say, if you missed the first two seasons, you have to check this one out. It is the Bad News Bears of the kitchen. Their are 2 teams, men against women. This sounds bad from the get go. All I could think of was the women bitching, which they did lots of it. As for the men, I can't say much better. The men were a lot more comical than the women because you have a 48 year old Chinese guy that balls his eyes out not once, but twice to Gordon Ramsay, the chef.

I love this show. On the women's side you have what I have seen as one strong player in Melissa from NY. I will tell you now, she is a finalist. All the other players don't hold a candle to her and I really can't see a short order cook (Julia) running a new restaurant in Vegas.

I love this show even more for the drama that the men provided in the first episode, but even more for listening to the commentary of the contestants. Yes, this is a reality show that looks like it passed on many good entrants. I was glad to see Brad come to Vinnie's aid, because I thought that we were going to see a fight. I mean a real fist fight. I was glad that both teams were able to get some of the appetizers out before the 2 hour mark!! Pathetic! That is what makes this show a must watch on Monday's at 9 ET, 8CT.

For more info on the show and to see who was booted off, go to http://www.fox.com/hellskitchen/

5 pitch forks out of 5!

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June 04, 2007

Are you "I" ready?

I was thinking today how much I like electronics. Yes, I am a guy, but I don't hold all my enjoyment of new gadgets to my gender.

I will tell you that I own an Mp3 player that isn't an Ipod. I have an old Xbox, not a 360. I can also add that I have XM radio. not with one of the car installed ones, but with an older version of the Delphi Skyfi portables that works just great.

With all that said, who is completely "I" ready for the new launch of the Iphone? I have a cell phone (Blackberry) that works just fine. It has an address book, a calculator, and the ability to get the net and up to 10 email addresses. It also didn't cost $599 with a 2 year agreement. Are you in and read y to buy/upgrade? Tell us why and what that phone is going to do for you that others won't.

Are you in line for June 29th?

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June 01, 2007

New shows, new thoughts...

O.K, I have to say that back in the day when Survivor came on I was a fan. I no longer watch Survivor, but wanted to see what this "reality" pirate show was all about.

Here it is so far in a nutshell:

2 Teams

1 Captain

Possible Mutiny

Someone gets cast adrift.

Sound interesting? Yes and no...I think it is so close to watching Survivor that even the people that are playing this game for treasure have their names spelled the same way that they are on Survivor.

You have the pompous types, the ex-pro NFL player, the cute girl with a rack in a bikini top and all, but the overall word for this show is-CUT THROAT.

I will watch this show just because I envision a fist fight on the deck.

Catch this on demand from your local cable provider or at www.itunes.com

I give this 2.5 Pirate Boats so far. Stay tuned.


I had a chance to watch the 2nd show of Traveler on ABC.com last night and it was very good. Their are a few shocking moments in this episode. This will be my newest show to watch every week. I see more plot twists coming in this one and if you haven't given it a look, please do.

Traveler gets 4 jets out of 5 for episodes 1 and 2.

Do you know what happened to Will Traveler? Let us all know in the comments.

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