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June 12, 2007

Hell's Kitchen Episode 2

How can you not love Gordon Ramsay? He is a firecracker with a short wick. How can a whole team get booted from the kitchen in a cooking contest when their were probably tens of thousands of entries?

Well, this week Aaron had another breakdown and was told to work the dining room floor. He was to take the bones out of the Dover Sole. At first he was roaming around the floor and greeting people. That wasn't what Chef Ramsay wanted and was spoken too. While speaking to him, Aaron went off into another land. I mean he was passed out with his eyes open. This show has more Drama than watching a 7 year old.

The men couldn't handle the heat in the kitchen were were kicked out and sent to the dorms.

The women on the other hand, pulled it together and picked up where the men left off.

Rock, from the men's team was chosen as the leader for this week and was to pick to people for elimination. He chose Eddie and Josh. Eddie blew it on the line during service and Josh tried to cover up his chicken dish. That is a no no in Hell's Kitchen.

This show is a blast to watch and I still give it 5 pitchforks out of 5.

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