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June 25, 2007

No Title...

WOW...Did you see Hell's Kitchen...? I mean really...They can't get a meal out that is right and 65% of the guests said that they wouldn't ever come back...

Their isn't a person in that contest/kitchen that is qualified to be the Head Chef at the Green Valley Ranch. I would tell them all to pack up and get some new cooks in. I like reality show most of the time, but when it comes to cooking I want to see what at least one person can show for skills. A front-runner, a leader....something. Rock is the only contestant that shows that he has some skills and he is still my pick to win this contest.

I will say that Gordon Ramsay does have my vote for making it funny. If I had only one more wish about the show, I would like to see a uncensored version. Gordon swearing in that accent would be priceless.
Can you say muggy? It was muggy here in Chicago today. I wish I was close to the beach on days like today.
I bought the pooch a harness today on clearance at Petco. It is black and will wrap around her chest and the D-Link will be on her back taking pressure off her neck while walking. I am interested in how this all works out after Thursday. Chloe is getting the staples out for sure then, I called today and I can bring her in around 10 a.m.
That is it for today, I will catch up with you all later.

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