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June 24, 2007


I started this project last week where I am rearranging some stuff in my room and putting up a new shelf...and time just slipped away.

Here is what I have done since last week:

I love surfing http://www.bidz.com/ in the watch section...some nice stuff, some of the other is junk.

I was glad to see that Louis is the captain on Pirate Master. I watched the DVR for Traveler that I recorded last Wednesday, that show has started to get interesting. Friday night was National Bingo Night. We weren't winners.

This Saturday and Sunday were days that we stayed in because we were in risk of not having a parking space because of a street fair that was a half a block from the house. Today was also the Gay Pride parade in Chicago. I found this picture of a German in Moscow that was protesting the parade. I wonder if he wants sausage with that egg...lol

I will be around this week, so I will check in with you later.


P.s Chloe has her staples out from getting spayed this Thursday. We are all excited about her getting the huge plastic collar off. I would have gone crazy with that on for 2 weeks.

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