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July 01, 2007

Choices....and when you should err on the side of caution...

CAUTION: This post will feature the words, FREE, FREE DRINK, and FREE POPCORN. The FREE DRINKS and POPCORN" also came with unlimited refills.

I went to a free showing today of "Ratatouille." It was in a new theater that has 14 screens in Chicago. The locals and their kids took full advantage of today's screenings. Key word...kids... Their were tons of kids ranging from 3 months old or so, to 90.

The movie was good, not great. It had some great parts with some good action. I liked it because it had cooking in it with a nice twist. (I hate rats....though)

Here is what you need to know...Don't go to a FREE showing at ANY movie theater. It was hard to concentrate with crying and screaming kids. (Of course base it on the movie) All I have to say is I will see this again on DVD. I love some of the characters and though that the movie should have been shortend just a bit.

Here are some pictures from http://www.imdb.com/ Go see this movie and if your child goes to the movies and feels like crying of screaming, please pick your stuff up and leave immediately. Thanks

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