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July 08, 2007

Ya know....

Ya know, I have looked at the past few weeks and realized that I am on a roll posting on Sundays. I know that in my "blogging past" I had a few blogs that I wrote on and posted every day. Well, I can see that life has taken its grip on me during the healing process of my ankle surgery and I am at once a week. Pathetic as it is, that is the way that it goes.

Tonight, we had another round of UNO between the three of us when the 7 year old says..."I can't wait for you to see (Blah, Blah, Blah) that we got you for your birthday." (I will be 40 on Wednesday) Oh lord, if there was a devil in the room it was his mom. Ya know, I don't care about gifts as much as it is nice to have your friends and family around you on special days. I felt bad that the surprise" was ruined. That isn't where it stopped....he decided to say what another gift was and it seemed like he was more excited than I was that I was having a birthday. Now, I felt really bad and almost angry with him because her was told to stop and didn't.

I told her after the game was over that I don't think that you should tell him what you are getting anyone because I know that the fact that I am getting something that is a surprise is special. I may sound mean, but that is who I am. I wouldn't tell him anything in the future. I would ask him what he wants to get someone and leave it at that. I felt bad for his mom.

So, tomorrow we are celebrating my 40th birthday here in Chicago and then heading to Boston for a week or R&R with my family.

I am looking forward to this trip home. I will be at my office if any of you need me (the beach).



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